Dia Beta Labs emerge from the highly regarded, Peter Flatt, Diabetes Research Group (DRG) at Ulster University, Coleraine. DBL continue to work within the DRG labs at Ulster, retaining its link to a world-leading team of academics and disease experts whilst having full access to the state of the art facilities on site. 

The Diabetes Research Group at Ulster University have a track record of success in generating highly stable, selective and potent activators against numerous receptors of interest in diabetes and obesity management. 

Typically, when a receptor of interest has been identified, we intensively study the natural, hormonal activator of the receptor, reverse engineering it to improve its therapeutic potential

Therapeutic candidates are then progressed through our discovery platform, comprising of industry standard techniques and models, to identify lead compounds for animal studies. 

Dia Beta Labs are the official commercial vehicle of the research group, progressing lead assets through late-stage preclinical development following significant validation work already performed within the group.