Following the recent approval of GLP-1R (glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor) agonist therapies for the pharmacological management of obesity over the last number of months, peptide therapies have become a particularly hot topic. Indeed, unless they had a diabetic relative using these medications most people would not have heard of semaglutide or liraglutide until relatively recently. However, as increasing numbers of reports of influencers and eccentric billionaires indicating their use of these medications (off-license for a long time it is important to note), they have become a staple topic of discussion in the mainstream media.

Given the importance of this topic in addition to the continuing prevalence of the obesity epidemic our CEO, Dr. Ryan Lafferty and DBL Scientific members, Prof. Peter Flatt and Prof. Nigel Irwin, have co-authored a publication indicating what the future may hold for these therapies in management of obesity.

You can read the article via the following link should you wish to learn more:

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